1. Jump-Start Program: This 3 session package is ideal for adults who want to become familiar with the proper use of workout equipment; as well as adults who need a 'jump-start' to get back into their exercise routine. My Jump-Start Program focuses on your form, breathing and various training techniques to build muscle endurance and a solid foundation for safe, effective exercise. Upon completing Jump-Start, you will receive a customized fitness program to follow for the next 4 weeks.

2. Jump-Start Plus: Jump-Start Plus is a great way to either begin an exercise program or condition your mind and body for a specific sport, activity or event. This 10 session package incorporates all the benefits of Jump-Start, as well as a fitness assessment and body composition analysis. Jump-Start Plus provides you with a high intensity, customized training program with several different exercise routines to strengthen, tone and shape your body. As an added bonus, I will review your accomplishments at the end of the program, re-measure your body composition and refine your fitness program to help you achieve your new goals.------------------------------ < Back - -Next >