Regardless of whether you are starting a new program, increasing the intensity of your current program, or seeking to eliminate aches and pains, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) will help you achieve your personal best.

Starting a New Program: When you start a new fitness program you will most likely find yourself using new muscles and techniques to improve your overall health and physical performance.  Chances are, you will also be wondering if the proper muscles are firing, your muscular system is balanced and about ways to prevent injuries or re-injuries.  Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) gives you heightened awareness of how your muscular system is currently performing and more importantly, how it will support your fitness goals. Use MAT to: 1) prevent stronger muscles from overcompensating for weaker muscles, and 2) insure that your muscular system is balanced and firing properly so you can get the greatest benefits from your training program.- >> TESTIMONIAL---< Back -----Next >